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Dawn, at Rafael Ortiz Gallery

“ After living and dreaming, there is what matters most: awakening “, A. Machado “The awakening series” was created and executed entirely during the confinement months in 2020, in an improvised studio at home. They interpret the paintings of colour bands done by the artist Agnes Martin in the 70s+80s.  These series of paintings represent [...]

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An invitation

“It is no exaggerated praise to call a tree the grandest and most beautiful of all the productions of the earth”. With these words, the artist and theorist William Gilpin (1724-1804) opened his influential treatise Remarks on Forest Scenery and other Woodland Views (1791). Having worked for the last decade on the subject of a [...]

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Waiting, for the loved one to arrive, for the pain to ease, for the uncertainty to be revealed, for my name to be called, for the space to be filled, and  the air to be lifted, for the unwanted encounter to happen, for the memory to forget, and the loss to become memory. Waiting for the [...]

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