Dawn, at Rafael Ortiz Gallery

“ After living and dreaming, there is what matters most: awakening “, A. Machado

“The awakening series” was created and executed entirely during the confinement months in 2020, in an improvised studio at home. They interpret the paintings of colour bands done by the artist Agnes Martin in the 70s+80s. 

These series of paintings represent the skies witnessed during the past days and nights from my top terrace and share the artist’s vision on Art as the concrete representation able to release the  most subtle positive emotions that lie underneath all of us.

The title refers to the awakening of the conscious that the pandemic has sparked on me,  by focussing on what really matters, liberating the superfluous, turning the vision inwards in order to gain a deeper insight into what surrounds us; distilling the noise, feeding the silence.

The work “ Dawn ” will be exhibited, together with 47 works of well renown International contemporary Artists,  in the group Show “ At the manner of … (III) ”, at the prestigious Galeria Rafael Ortiz, in Seville, Spain, from June 15th until October 4th.

Please enquiry the Gallery on the Awakening Series works.

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