Award winning artist, BA Hons Fine Arts by the University of Seville,  she lives and works between London and Seville and this symbiotic mixture of cultures allows her to produce a  reflective and sensitive collection of work that aims to engage the viewer in a silent conversation.

“. . .The Silkscreen becomes in her hands a tool alíen to the repetitive use for which it was originally devised; countless numbers of inks are pulled through thoughtful movements of the squeegee, creating surprising imprints.

Through this process, which is both graphic and painterly, she achieves a superb harmony, which reveals itself free from any improvisation.”

Mayte Carrasco Gimena.
Deacon of the Fine Arts University of Seville

“. . . Artistic creation is often born from a tormented inner battle led by the will of our spirit. . . This caramel encompasses a tempestuous battle of emotions and feelings, which by the same exciting mystery transforms a state of agony into poetical and musical beauty…And it is precisely inside where Herme looks to understand and exorcice the light and shadow of human nature, carefully breaking up the emotions that seize us strongly by the heart, showing proudly the silence when necessary, taking off the heavy corsets that suppress us, exploding when the soul is filled with life and thanking it for what it is, being and feeling each molecule that we are in spite of the horror, which threatens at any slip to seduce us.”

Laura Acosta Ignacio.
Curator and Journalist.