National Theatre


My latest work is a series of paintings about the National Theatre.

The National Theatre has always been a place which exercises a powerful magnet in my walks into town. I love the building, and I love the magic that happens inside its walls. I attend as many plays as I can afford and I often enjoy having my lunch breaks in one of its terraces. 

I wanted to capture the magic of theatre by inviting Fred Cumming’s full moon at the unique moment of dusk before nightfall. The vibrant colours of the building are  a metaphor of the vibrancy of the plays and the culture interchange theatre provides.

Two works of this last series have been selected to be shown at the forthcoming pop up Show “ A tale of two cities” at Liberty’s 4th floor  opening June 27th.

For more information on the Show , please visit the AAF website.

“ Fred’s moon” at the NT #1, acrylic on board, 25 x35,5 cm

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