Why London?

I work on images that appeal to me both emotionally and visually and London definitely does both. I never cease to be surprised by how this vibrant city excites and provokes me. I find its contrasts, varieties, its multiculturalism, its grandeur, the abundance of people at all times and in all places, its adaptability and its irresistible beauty enough reasons to want to work with it as a subject again and again.

I have experienced the city in different ways, as a student, as a tourist, as a recurrent visitor, as a full-time resident and at this moment as a part time resident that shares the rest of the year in my hometown of Seville. However my relationship as a citizen with London is, I need to portray it yet again not only to capture a view or scene but also in order to understand my connection with it.

In recent years I have worked on the ever-changing London Skyline, which is often transformed by newer taller buildings by the time I have finished an edition.

London Views (2008) was an Edition Variable of 10 prints of the London Skyline. The composition of the skyline results by combining views looking east and west from Waterloo bridge. The predominant element in these prints is the water in both the river and the rain and so only the skyline was screen printed with the background painted with acrylics in a very fluid , watery way.


serigrafía en papel Hahnemülhe

London Views (2008). Edition variable of 10 Prints, 27 x 78,5 cm.


Battersea Power Station used to be one of my favorite places to walk to and photograph. In my BPS (2009) print I wanted to soften the angular shapes of the building with the circular  background where the green watermark symbolized the Thames as the source, as a drop.


serigrafía en papel arches aquarelle

Battersea Power Station, (2009). Edition of 20 Prints. 48 x 48cm


Vision of Battersea Power Station , (2009). Edition of 10 Prints. 48 x 100cm


Thames Dawn (2013) was born after encountering the most beautiful sunrise near Battersea. A magical moment, impossible to reproduce but which my memory could only translate with the almost impossible colours used.


serigrafía en papel arches aquarelle

Thames Dawn, (2013). Edition variable of 10 Prints. 66 x 74cm.

serigrafía en papel arches aquarelle

Thames Dawn ( 2013). Edition of 45 Prints. 66x74cm.

Tidal Thames is the latest edition of 45 prints that follows the Edition Variable of 2014 . As its title implies, the idea behind this Print was to convey through the metaphor of the river, the dynamism and energy of the city.



Tidal Thames, (2014). Edition variable of 10 Prints. 57 x 76,5 cm


Tidal Thames, (2015 ). Edition of 45 Prints. 57 x 76,5 cm.


My favourite place in London  has to be Waterloo bridge, any day, at any time, in any weather conditions. I always feel alive and privileged when I`m standing on that bridge confronted with such potential and possibility …

All available work will be for sale at the next edition of the  Affordable Art Fair in Battersea.

From October 22nd till 25th at the Turning Tides Contemporary Gallery Stand ( E4 ).







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