Print Box Set East London Printmakers

Print Box Set

In November I finished the screenprint “ the red shoes “, inspired by Christian Andersen’s fairy tale ” De røde sko “, for the annual ” Print Box Set” at East London Printmakers in Hackney.

The project consists of the making of a limited number edition of prints, subject and printing technique free and only restricted by the 30 x 30cm paper size format. The edition number relates to the quantity of participant members. This year has been a record high with 59 printmakers involved. Once we all had run the editions, these were a distributed in the provided boxes so that by the end each of us had a full box set with all the different artists prints.

It´s been a magnificent chance to share ideas, exchange work and raise funds for ELP.

The image illustrates just a small example of the countless choices encountered in the creative process of printmaking.

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